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When you call us for the first time we will take a look at what you need completed and take samples of your material so we can get the exact corporate specked materials you require.

Once we get your correct material and you give us the go ahead we order the materials to complete the covers you requested, which take about 7 to 10 days. We then schedule a time for us to come in and complete the work. Remember we come to you and complete the work ON-SITE, never taking a booth away from your establishment.

As a customer of ours we then will carry an inventory of 4-Top and 6-Top booth seat covers on hand so that when you call us or when we are in the area we make a courtesy call to you we have your covers ready.

Curved booth seat covers are special orders for us since they all come in difference sizes and are rights and lefts. We must come in to size them up for ordering.

We can bring those booth seats back to the original newness they once were.

We can set you up on a scheduled basis to check and replace the booth seats or backs as you see fit. We are very flexible in how you want us to handle your dining area.

Call us and we can set up a time to speak with you and set up a maintenance program on your needs to keep your dining area in top shape, or call us as you need us.

We offer email updates to General managers and Supervisors for patches of restaurants they cover of the details of
completed work and costs.

Let us help you from having customers telling you about the seats that are bumpy and feel uncomfortable let alone the problems you would incur should a customer have their clothes ruined or torn because of a bad booth seat cover or back, which will cost you one way or the other.

Be proactive and take care of those nasty looking booth seats to keep your edge over your competitors. Take care of them as they happen verses waiting till half of your dining area needs a remodel.

 Speaking of remodels, yes we can remodel your entire restaurant if need be. No job is to big for us.
Another note is to let you know that we do more than just upholstery. We have done work on re-grouting restaurant kitchen floors and bar areas, tile repairs, general carpentry, general plumbing, wall papering and welding ( which must be scheduled in advance ) and much more.....we do it all....just ask us!!!

Tile, Tile and more Tile!!! Did we say we do tile work, why yes we do. We do the tile repairs that no one wants to do. Just ask us for a

How to measure your booth seats.


Here is a video on how to measure your booth seats so that you may be able to send the measurements to us and we will be able to mail you your new booth seat covers for you to be able to put on yourself.


We will be more than glad to make up booth seat covers and ship them to you at your location.
Call us or email us and we will discuss how we may be of service to you.

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* New * - Residential Snow Removal

Rittenhouse Restorations now does residential snow removal in the State College area.
Call or email us for rates that are very competitive to the area.

We now accept the following for payment: CASH...yes, it is still the king & checks.


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Rittenhouse Restorations Inc.

State College, PA 16801

Phone: JR 814-574-1906 or Bruce 814-574-2068
HIC - #PA104096

Email: JR or Bruce at:

“We won’t lower our standards…..So up yours”



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